The Ward 6 Difference


Is this For You?

If you’re a lean company, a scrappy startup, or a no-nonsense innovator, Ward 6 was created just for you. We focus only on what will move the needle. As a result, you get non-stop, senior-level work at a fraction of the cost of a traditional agency.

The traditional agency model is not a fit for every business. By trimming the fat and eliminating the overhead, Ward 6 has created an optimal experience for innovative companies. Whether you’re working solely with the Founder or a hand-picked team, your account will be manned by practitioners who each possess a decade or more of experience.

Ward 6 is a sole proprietorship backed by a network of highly skilled professionals in Media Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Design. Programs are flexible, modular, and designed to fulfill your company’s specific needs.

Need a Team?

It’s all about experience. Think of what you accomplished in the last year and how much stronger a professional you are because of that experience. For a person working in PR and Marketing fields, a single year can mean dozens of new media contacts, a successful brand launch, or an out-of-the-park influencer campaign. Each year yields new insights and better ways of doing things.

That’s why Ward 6 works only with highly experienced practitioners.

There’s a huge advantage to building teams made up only of seasoned professionals. A typical agency team will offer about 11-36 years of combined experience. A team assembled by Ward 6 will have 20-80 (or more) combined years.

What’s with the name?

For two centuries, the Brooklyn waterfront – designated ‘Ward 6’ in the 1800s – has been the place where goods make landfall. That’s also what effective marketing does: it helps creators find safe harbor and deliver to the public. Ward 6 Marketing was developed to help makers in technology, media, and creative fields navigate a sea of competition and land solidly with target customers.

About the Founder

Heath Fradkoff came up through the agency world, where he’d helped hundreds of companies and public figures tell their stories. After nearly two decades in PR and marketing, he launched Ward 6 to bring his depth of experience to smaller, innovative businesses – the ones that might not benefit from a traditional agency relationship.

Heath has served companies in a wide variety of sectors including technology, education, media, professional services, law, arts & culture, not-for-profit, energy, and healthcare. He’s highly experienced in strategic messaging, media relations, social media, content marketing, copy development, advertising, and branding. To scale where needed, he draws from his deep stable of designers, media relations experts, marketers, and other talented creatives.

Heath spends his off hours chasing a toddler, walking a dog, and butchering perfectly innocent songs on a ukulele.